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I have a superpower. I'm not kidding, it really is a superpower. It's one of the crappier ones, but it doesn't qualify me as a villain or evil genius or anything, and it's freaky enough to be 'super', so let's go with 'superpower'.

I can generate sofas.

This would be cool if I could just get them to appear, Douglas Adams style, in the middle of a stairwell or out of the sky. Maybe then I would be a, slightly quirky, evil something or other. But no, it's just one or two more than any sane person needs at a time. All the time.

Not once in my entire adult life have I owned less than two sofas. Often more. And they show up, beg for attention, some TLC and maybe a place in my basement or on the attic. I almost always say yes, since I also have a knack for passing them along, but I never say yes to a sofa knowing that I would hand it over. It's always with the intention to keep it, at least for a little while.

Fast forward to today.

I've bought a sofa. A new one. One that haven't seen other people (or their backsides) before. That have never happened before. I usually just end up with one, I don't choose it, order it and pay (insane amounts) for it. A nominal sum of course, never before more than, say 100 USD. Never. Until now. I feel strange.

The sofa will show up, wrapped in plastic tomorrow, and the one that used to occupy the living room is now safely tucked away in the attic. I've even found new owners for the old one (as I said - passing them along is part of the power), but it will stay in the attic for another month. And then I'll be down to one sofa. A new one.

It feels strange, and a bit like I've cheated on my superpower, but I'm looking forward to the new addition to my long list of sofa co-habitants. It's red, velvet and big. It comes with matching armchair. It could be the cryptonite to my power, but I've had a long run and done some good with it. Time to pass it on and settle down, I think. Maybe settle down in a matching armchair.
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